K-Cup Seed Starters

Yes, I have a love affair with my coffee. I love my Keurig and only use filtered water. I have the attachment that lets you add regular ground coffee in them, but some days I’m just exceptionally lazy and don’t want to mess with them. This had led to trists with K-Cups. Supposedly they are not-recyclable, but only to the super lazy – which is why people use them to begin with, duh. So my dilemma is to delay the maintenance of tearing the little devils apart, or get the manual work out of the way at the beginning, using the washable holder/filter.

When I am stricken with morning laziness, which is more often than I’d like to admit, I use K-Cups. Instead of throwing them away and feeling that tinge of guilt, I keep them, dissecting them in small batches for my other addiction: gardening. This spring I’m using them to act as my seed starters, instead of buying the fancy seed starting kits. I don’t like buying things for my garden because the more I spend, the less return I get back when I harvest the fruits and veggies. Ok. I’m just cheap. I’m cheap, and I like the environment. So sometimes that works out.

Prepping the Cups

Materials: Used K-Cups, Newspapers, spoon, bowl.

  1. Put down newspapers on the table. This is going to get messy.
  2. Peel off the lids.
  3. Scoop out the coffee into a container – used coffee grounds are useful!
  4. Optional: Tear out the fabric mesh, place these in a pile – these are bio-degradable.
  5. If you removed the filter: Remove the circle disk at the bottom.
  6. Wash out the cups, let dry.

Starting the Starters

Materials: Clean K-Cups, Sharpie, seed tray, cover, dirt, seeds.

  1. Use the Sharpie to label what seeds you are planting in each container. I have #’s on mine that correspond to what bed they will go in once planted outside.
  2. Fill the cups with dirt.
  3. Use the end of the Sharpie to mold out a hole in the middle of the cup.
  4. Place seeds in the hole, lightly cover up.
  5. Place cups in tray – I used Taco Bell Lids – because cheap.
  6. Water – very gently!
  7. Place cover over the seeds – plastic wrap will work if you don’t have a lid.

Done! I think this deserves a cup of coffee.

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